Thursday, May 9, 2024

Where to Get Beads, Part 2

I am continuing my exploration of different places to get beads. Today's exploration is JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts.

JoAnn has a section in one of their craft aisles with beads, plastic lacing, and keyrings. Here are some photos of what I found during a recent visit to the JoAnn store nearest my home in Florida.

These first photos are of various small bags of beads. They had a nice assortment of single colors, as well as color assortments. 

JoAnn had beads in fun shapes, which can be fun for making bracelets or necklaces, or as a special feature in a pony bead critter. They also had alphabet beads with large enough holes to use with pony beads.

They also had a couple of bead organizers with assorted colors of beads. These are nice because they're already organized into separate colors, and the organizer is refillable. And they had a few colors in these that were not available in the bags shown above.

This is the same kit with patterns for several basic beadie critters that Walmart had, with a container meant to help you lay your beads out before weaving the string through the beads. I really want to try this sometime and see how well it works.

Finally, they had some plastic lacing assortments, as well as some keyrings and lanyard hooks.

However, they did not have my favorite kind of plastic lacing, clear (the one above is glittery and has a slightly different stretch and feel than plain clear). I had to resort to ordering from Amazon for that, because I couldn't find it at any store or at Bolek's.

Stay tuned. Reports on Michael's and Hobby Lobby coming soon!

If you are looking for the widest variety of colors, give Bolek's Craft Supplys a try! They have 78 different colors of pony beads!

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