Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gotta Catch 'em All! Part 1

I don't know if you've heard, but Pokemon is hot again, thanks to a new mobile app called Pokemon Go! This app is possibly the best thing ever to get kids who are too involved in indoor activities, out and about.

I thought I'd have a little beading fun and make beadies of the pokemon my sons have caught so far. Here is part 1.

Charmander (Pokemon #4)

You can find the pattern for Charmander here. I made a couple of modifications to this pattern that I thought would make it nicer for putting on a backpack or purse.

I did the tail with a separate piece of plastic lacing, strung through the three yellow beads at the bottom of his tummy. Then, I strung the plastic lacing through the middle beads of the row just below the eyes, to tie the tail "up" more like Charmander uses it.

 This makes it more 3-D and less long and dangly.

 Caterpie, Pokemon #10

This Caterpie pattern came from Jason's Beadie Site. I have links to his site on my website, but while looking for some of these Pokemon patterns, I found that Jason's site host has enabled some annoying and potentially dangerous pop-up ads that tell you things like "your media player may be out of date" and want you to install things - not cool! Therefore, I have included the pattern from his site here:

Paras, Pokemon #46

Again, this one is from Jason's site, so here is the pattern:

These are just three of the two dozen or so different Pokemon that my sons have caught so far. More to come soon!