Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gotta Catch 'em All! Part 1

I don't know if you've heard, but Pokemon is hot again, thanks to a new mobile app called Pokemon Go! This app is possibly the best thing ever to get kids who are too involved in indoor activities, out and about.

I thought I'd have a little beading fun and make beadies of the pokemon my sons have caught so far. Here is part 1.

Charmander (Pokemon #4)

You can find the pattern for Charmander here. I made a couple of modifications to this pattern that I thought would make it nicer for putting on a backpack or purse.

I did the tail with a separate piece of plastic lacing, strung through the three yellow beads at the bottom of his tummy. Then, I strung the plastic lacing through the middle beads of the row just below the eyes, to tie the tail "up" more like Charmander uses it.

 This makes it more 3-D and less long and dangly.

 Caterpie, Pokemon #10

This Caterpie pattern came from Jason's Beadie Site. I have links to his site on my website, but while looking for some of these Pokemon patterns, I found that Jason's site host has enabled some annoying and potentially dangerous pop-up ads that tell you things like "your media player may be out of date" and want you to install things - not cool! Therefore, I have included the pattern from his site here:

Paras, Pokemon #46

Again, this one is from Jason's site, so here is the pattern:

These are just three of the two dozen or so different Pokemon that my sons have caught so far. More to come soon!


  1. Hello there! I know this post is from 2016 (7 years ago, wow!) but I want to say thank you for this blog and your previous one.

    I was looking up some bead creature designs for a fun activity and I stumbled on your old blog and was shocked to see so many posts! I hope you don't mind me trying to make one of your designs (I'm a big fan of the cobra, it's very cute!)

    Finding your old website and this one really brightened my spirits. I'm so used to seeing, well, almost sterile websites full of AI written articles when I look for something, but seeing something so personal was so much fun! It's helping inspire me to work on my own website!

    All this to say, if you even read this at all, thank you for the awesome resource! I hope you're doing well after all these years, and I'm very glad you kept the websites up!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the encouragement! I have been intending to revamp the website now that I am retired, but somehow I have managed to fill my time with so many other things. But your kind word may be the impetus I need!

      Enjoy all the designs!