Friday, June 10, 2011

Beadie Movie Friday: Aladdin

This week's featured movie beadies are character's from Disney's Aladdin. This was yet another movie that one of my children was obssessed with in their younger years. All of these characters were designed by me.




The Sultan
The Lamp and Abu the Monkey

Some of these beadies use colors that you will not be able to find in stores. You can purchase these colors and many more at Bolek's Craft Supplys:
I am thinking seriously about offering small bags of 100 pony beads in the wide variety of colors that Bolek's carries, with only the actual shipping cost rather than the $9 for orders under $100 that Bolek's charges. Would you be interested in buying beads from me so you can make some of these patterns? Post a reply.

Have a great weekend!

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